31st July, 2014


31st July, 2014

10 random tidbits

Um…. Hmm… Trying to think up random facts about myself is hard because to me they are all just common place and boring.

  1. Seriously, though. I had the hardest time coming up with answers for this. I want to be honest and open about myself and at the same time… the internet is forever. So I had two cups of coffee while I pondered over my likely responses and tried to nix out anything too negative, personal, or obvious- though if you’re curious about anything in particular I’d be more than willing to tell you privately.
  2. I play “Time Is Running Out” by Muse on repeat in a room lit only by artificial light when I’m working on a piece with a deadline. I started doing this in college and it worked so well I’ve just kept doing it whenever I’ve needed to. The song was random and I thought was just sort of funny to have playing while I worked. Being in a room without natural light meant that I didn’t notice how much time had passed (no sunset or sunrise) same with having the song on repeat- I’d lose count of how many times it’s played.
  3. Speaking of college- I lived off of sour patch kids. Lived and survived. I don’t regret it.
  4. I was going to be all “my first fandom was sailor moon” until I realized that it totally WASN’T. My first fandom was dogs. Like. The animal. It started with Pound Puppies and then 101 Dalmatians and it just evolved into an all-consuming thing that makes me just as bad as any cat lady but with DOGS. I have dresses and sweaters with dog patterns on them. I don’t pass a dog ever without cooing like a crazy person… it’s bad. I was too young at the time to realize what was happening but now that I think back on it? I’ve always been a fangirl. But if we want to talk anime (firsts)? Sailor Moon. Books? Harry Potter. Predictable.
  5. I don’t know if you’ve noticed? But I’m wordy. It might not SEEM like it on tumblr but yeah. I don’t shut up. Ever. I’m holding three other conversations whilst I do this.
  6. « IS MY LUCKY NUMBER! And oddly enough the hubby’s birthday, as well as mine, are both on a 6th!
  7. I love to bake. My mom pushed me into when I was young because I would just.. make these HUGE HORRIFIC MESSES and one day, after work, when she got home to my “latest and greatest” mess she was like. Nope! And taught me how to make brownies. I guess she figured that if was going to come home to a mess to clean up than she might as well get brownies out of it. And it just sort of stuck with me. When Christmas comes? There’s NO STOPPING ME. This Halloween? Soul Eater cookies. Probably sooner. I can’t wait!
  8. I have a book full of ideas. From illustration ideas, anime openings, greeting cards, sculptures… even fanfiction (though I haven’t written any in 10 years). I get REALLY excited when I’m finally able to cross one out but it doesn’t happen a lot.
  9. So, this is my art blog, right? But I don’t like posting my art online at all. I feel like I just add to the noise but at the same time I LOVE being able to go online and look at what everyone else is doing. More often than not, if I post something? It’s because the husband has threatened to post it himself if I don’t. I still mostly keep things to Instagram because I can go back and delete it and have it be gone for good.. but once tumblr reblogs it I’m dooooooooooooooooooooooomed.
  10. All my pocket change goes to action figures. Mostly anime ones, but not always. Though I’m REALLY looking forward to this Christmas where I should be adding that AWESOME Maka figure to my collection. Oh, Maka. I love you. Also? GSC, if you’re reading this? Ranma figmas. I beg of you. Make it happen. (And Sailor Moon because Bandai is doing a CRAP job and it makes me SO SAD!)

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24th June, 2014


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1. My husband. Clichéd? Maybe, but I married him for a reason.

2. Dogs! My dog, your dogs, ALL THE DOGS!

3. Shipping. (Both pairings and UPS)

4. Fanfiction, sometimes even more so than the original source material.

5. Baking and cooking!

6. Speaking of no. 5- Waffles. #KnopeLife

7. Animation! It’s what I do and what I love- talk to me dirty, tell me how much you love Winsor McCay or Adventure Time.

8. Fanart- but stop charging for it. You don’t own the characters and therefore you legally can’t profit from it. I know how much the artistic life hurts ones wallet, but your taking the money out of another artist’s pocket when you do that. Fanart, like fanfiction should be done because you love it and shared with the fandom community because they’ll love and appreciate it too.

9. Swimming

10. Goodsmile Company.

11. Running errands- this probably seems unusual but I like going out and taking care of all the things that need to be done. They are small accomplishments but they make my day seem more valuable.

12. Talking about shared fandoms. Most of my friends IRL don’t share in my fandoms which is why social media is so important to me. Love ranma, soul eater, sailor moon, Harry potter, Oriemo, doctor who, so on and so forth- hit me up!

13. Coffee.

14. My smartphone. This is really materialistic but it’s true. I’m using my phone for this right now and I was just re-reading the newest chapter to a Ranma fanfic on it too. I love having this mini computer in my pocket- it doesn’t hurt that my current laptop is a POS.

15. Sour gummy candy. I have a real problem with my will power when presented with them.